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LVIK-StarBot is a trading the MT4 platform-based algorithm.

This trading robot detects the formations in the morning star or the evening star and can take automated trading positions.

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LVIK-StarBot is a trading the MT4 platform-based algorithm.

robot evening morning starThis trading robot detects the formations in the morning star or the evening star and can take automated trading positions. It is programmed to operate on any time unit on which it is placed and only works on the MT4 platform (open an account).

Its strategy is to detect a training in the morning star or evening star. Depending on the detection, the algorithm will initiate a position selling following a star in the evening, or buyer in the case of a morning star.

This expert advisor has been optimized on the currency Eur – Usd in UT 1 h pair, but it can be used on all the underlying in all units of time. However, optimization will be necessary to adapt it for other configurations of market.

This trading robot works automatically in the proportional exposure, the calculation of exposure can be supported by the algorithm itself to optimize your money management. Exposure of each position is adjusted in function of the chosen risk and the stop in the position so that output on stop-loss will impact the capital of an amount equal to the percentage chosen (excluding unfavorable gap). Exposure adjustment is therefore automatically after a withdrawal, a deposit, or any significant change in the balance of the trading account. In addition, the initial stop automatically adjusts from the extreme point of the detected structure (point up the Central spark plug for an evening star and point down for a morning star), thus exposure is adjusted depending on ambient volatility.

Example: With a capital of €10.000, your maximum loss will be € 100 if you set your risk to 1% of your capital (excluding unfavorable gap and inadvertent slippage)

If the level of risk is increased, the positions will be taken with a higher exposure, thereby increasing your winnings, but also your potential losses. Exposure is adjusted automatically, however it is possible to disable this feature and use a constant exposure. In this case, the percentage risk is more taken into account, the calculation must be done manually. This algorithm can also be used as emergency alert only.

More info on the tutorial to install robots.

Unlike many algorithms of trading commercially that have perfect performance, this robot do not cheat, one position is open at the same time, a stop loss and a take profit are placed hard on each position.


evening morning star robotMagicNumber: to identify the positions taken by this algorithm, each robot must have a different number of use.

SignalMail: True enables the sending of mail to each receptacle and output position.

Alert: True generates an alert in real time on your trading platform.

Trade: True activates the Live trading by the algorithm.

Start_Hour: time from which the algorithm is active

Stop_Hour: The time from which the algorithm is no longer active. In this case, the algorithm will be active from 8:00.00 at 21:59.59.

Ratio_1: This ratio defines the relationship between the body and the total size of the first and the third candle of the structure, in this case, the body must represent at least 70% of the total candle.

Ratio_2: This ratio defines the relationship between the body and the total size of the Central candle structure, in this case, the body must represent less than 40% of the total candle.

MM_Period: This is the period for the moving average above which must evolve, the star of the evening (below for the morning star).

Auto_Expo: True enables automatic exposure according to the percentage of risk defined by “Risk_Percent”. False enables manual exposure set by the “Expo” option.

Risk_Percent: Defines risk as a percentage of the Balance on initiation of the stop (excluding gap or slippage). Example if the balance is € 10,000 and the parameter is 1, the exhibition will be such that a stop trigger will cause a loss of €100.

Expo: Manual exposure adjustment. Here, 0.1 Lot.

TakeProfit: Difference in pips from entry point to place the take-profit

StopLoss: Difference in pips from the extreme point of the figure to place the stop loss.

TrailingStop: Difference in pips of the value of the stop follower.

Slippage: Maximum deviation in pips of the failure to execute at the opening of a position by the robot.

Example of operation:


This algorithm has been optimized to generate a performance report / consistent loss. On the optimization report, maximum relative drawdown is of the order of 6% for an overall gain close to 50%. The simulation period starts on 01/01/2011 to 09-10-2015.



Where you would not know how to run an optimization, I can perform this optimization for you, if that is the case, you can ask me to perform optimization on demand, I effectuerais it for a cost of € 5 for optimization. For example, Gbp – Usd on UT H1, H4, and D1 = 3 optimizations. You can perform this optimization yourself, the parameters are accessible. The robot comes with a default setting for the currency Eur – Usd on a UT H1 pair.

License to use: the purchase of this algorithm is subject to the General conditions of sale, the license limits the use to a single account by purchase, except for premium members who can install this algorithm on multiple accounts belonging to them, if they had been opened through the site. Once finalized the purchase you will receive an algorithm that will only work on demo account, you can test it on receipt, please contact real account on which number will be installed the expert advisor from that form, you will receive the final version for use on real account.

The purchase of this expert gives right to one year of follow-up for any modification or subsequent optimization. After this period, the use is not limited in time.

The backtest results are that a finding of past performance in the case of the use of this strategy, these results are certainly not guaranteed, as I explained in this article.

Internal settings (stop loss and take profit) are freely editable, you can re – optimize this robot of trading on all the underlying and on all units of time, however, no performance cannot be guaranteed, including a use long term. It is possible to change the output orders once the position open, these manipulations as well as the overall utilization of this algorithm are under the responsibility of the user and the owner of the trading account.


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