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The Boursikoter.com site is a site of scholarship, technical analysis of the CAC 40 on video, but also tips on the techniques of trading in general.
You can exchange on chat or the forum of the site, but also educate you on the stock exchange, the chartism, strategies, or even money management. Courses are available on the store’s site, and you can also participate in online training, or request a particular coaching.

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Gilles Sakthi

Ikiu91 is a nickname that is not devoid of meaning, this site dealing with the basis of configurations of Japanese candles, so it’s in the land of the rising sun that is its meaning. Its correct spelling should be Ikkyu

In the tradition of the Japanese ranks, Ikkyu (Brown belt) is the last level before reaching the Shodan that corresponds to the first rank of black belt. If we apply this system in terms of competence, Ikkyu would be the best amateur levels, just before entering the professional world. In Japan, some test of skills (including language) are still classified in Kyu, where the Ikkyu level is then the highest level of knowledge.

Indeed, in the system Japanese, the kyu are sorted from the largest to the smallest, we can also find this classification in grades karate, where the 9th kyu (kukyu) is the white belt.

The purpose of this site is trying you rise to that level of knowledge on the stock exchange, that is to say the highest level it is possible to reach for an amateur. Here you will find therefore any kind of information help you, the goal is before any to be educational.
Contrary to what some think, I’m not a professional of the stock exchange. Pure autodidact, passion for numbers, statistical studies and the stock market in general, I try to share the results of my research with a look different since unformatted.
By participating in the life of the site, you agree to share your knowledge with others, which certainly are like you and me: enthusiasts. Indeed, I am like most of you, I did not large schools, I learned to trader by me even when I realized the lack of relevance of advice from some professionals.

I’m not a pro trading or stock exchange, I define myself as an amateur informed and above all passionate. In perpetual quest for effective trading strategies, I carried out extensive research, to have a more realistic approach, trying to share some concepts, to avoid falling into some pitfalls in which I am myself fallen.

logoOn this site you will find realistic trading strategies, with a follow-up of performance checked on real account. Indeed, in contrast to many stock sites that disseminate enormous performance without any evidence, I suggest you follow in real time and on real account trading signals. I am not part of these gifted investors who apply their strategy on a virtual account, or unverifiable results, I took a position on real account with maximum transparency, my performances are published on recognized and independent sites (Myfxbook, Mql5) and as such, you’ll see me either win or lose money. Certainly the overall performance will be certainly less impressive, but they have the merit to be real, to match a true reality of trading…

To share your experience live, or take advantage of others, you will find us on the CHAT